Tips on Basics of English to help you crack the  English International Olympiad

English is now a globally used language, its popularity is what makes many afraid to pursue the subject, but the time and globalization require one to have a knowhow of the same, as a result of which it has quickly gained much importance as a subject of interest in student's curriculum. The language... READ MORE


Why should kids be encouraged to register for Maths Olympiads?

Mathematics Olympiads are tests for those who want a better understanding of the subject, want to improve at it or are enthusiastic about it for the subject is feared by multitudes of people. But none can overrule the fact that it holds much value when it comes to education... READ MORE


8 Tips to crack General Knowledge Olympiad

The General Knowledge Olympiad was introduced with the motive to shape the younger generation by making them aware of the current affairs and important events happening around them. Merely restricting their knowledge to school textbooks would make them... READ MORE


Importance of International Olympiad

The International Olympiad is a competitive exam conducted at a global level that examines   the talents in the learners such as analytical thinking, reading, writing, logical reasoning, problem-solving and more. Thus, The International Talent... READ MORE


8 Tips to crack English Olympiad

English is considered to be a global language and hence, it is important that students should master this language to have a bright future. The English language, being the universal language, is used extensively in schools, businesses, etc. People all over the world use it as a common... READ MORE


The International Olympiad

Almost a seven-decade old practice of organizing Olympiads in educational institutions have become overshadowed with the emergence of the pandemic. With the first International Math Olympiad held in Romania 1959, state of affairs has not... READ MORE


Olympiad Exams of The International Olympiad

Olympiads are subject-specific exams that are organized to help students learn and grow in a field of their interest. It provides the students with a platform where they can put their skills to use and earn acknowledgement for their effort besides which they... READ MORE


How one can manage their time when appearing for an Olympiad exam

Olympiads are subject-specific competitive exams that are held based upon student’s education level, aimed to help them develop a deeper and better understanding of a subject. These exams are greatly sought after these days for they have... READ MORE