The International Olympiad conducts scholarship exams at international level. The portion for this exam covers the school academic syllabus.

The Olympiads covers Maths Olympiad, Science Olympiad, English Olympiad, General Knowledge (GK) Olympiad. This platform tests the student knowledge and understanding level on each subject which improves their competitive performance at international level. TIO conducts Drawing Olympiad for Kindergarten children to enhance the creativity at very young age.

Register Online for International Olympiad

Participating in Olympiads at international level improves student’s competitive knowledge which in turn enhances their performance academically. Students can register by clicking on any option to participate.

Annual Olympiad Registration

Interested students can participate for Annual Olympiad by completing the Registration Process. Fill the registration form to get register for International Olympiads.

Annual Olympiad Registration

Practice Test Series

Students can practice the test series by registering themselves. These Olympiad Practice Test Series helps the students to understand the online process of exam by practicing multiple times.

Practice Test Series

Practise Test Series

Online Practice Test Series for Class 1 to 10.

Get Exclusive six subjects for Practice Live Test with Score

Online Olympiad Test

International Olympiad 2021-22: Brochure, Schedule

Brochure for Annual Olympiad is provided. Check for the Schedule Annual Olympiad.

Annual Olympiad Brochure
Annual Olympiad Schedule