International Science Olympiad Class 1

Science Olympiad organized by The International Olympiad is an international level competitive exam. This exam is conducted on a global platform. Students of class 1 from different schools over the globe can take part in this exam. Science Olympiad Class 1 stimulates young minds to become experts in Science subjects as it boosts the reasoning and thinking capacity and ability of students. The topics covered in this exam are mainly taken considering the ongoing syllabus of grade 1 students. The purpose of this exam is to improve the academic score and performance of the students by making them familiar with the important concepts. This develops confidence in the student.


Syllabus - 


Annual Olympiad - 

The annual Olympiad conducted by TIO is held once a year. International Science Olympiad class 1 is carried in an online mode where students can take this exam at the convenience of their home. The design of this exam is planned considering the school syllabus. The exam mainly comprises topics related to the subject and the questions are in MCQ format. Students participating in such competitive exams gradually will intensify their understanding of the subject.

This exam makes the foundation of the subject strong as the complexity level is higher than the regular school exams. students from a younger age get to experience the competitive atmosphere which leads them to develop confidence and keep them motivated to perform well in their academics.

Participation can be done online for the ISO class 1 exam. Students can fill in the details in the registration form and compete with other students across the globe. 

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Practice Tests - 

Preparation for the Olympiad exams is not easy as it requires immense practice and understanding of the concept. The Practice test series for class 1 help students to prepare for such competitive exams. These tests can be taken at any time in an online mode. The questions in this test focus on improving the learning and thinking skills of class 1 students which also leads to bettered academic scores. This practice test series of Science can be taken using any smartphone or tablet.

For more details on the Practice Tests Series of Science class 1 please click on the link below.