International Science Olympiad

The International Science Olympiad of TIO is a competitive exam conducted at a global level. Students from various schools across the world can participate in this exam. It renders the young talent a platform where they can test their skills and improve themselves. These exams are competitive exams that are based on the regular study program of the school. Students' learning skills are improved as they develop self-confidence in the course of preparing for this exam. Students tend to learn their strengths and weaknesses which helps them concentrate and fill the gaps they are lacking in.



Annual Olympiad - 

The International Olympiad conducts the Science Annual Olympiad exam for class 1 to class 10 students. These exams are conducted in an online mode. The pattern of these exams is designed keeping in mind the school syllabus and contains topic-wise MCQ questions. Students participating in the Science Olympiad help them learn scientific facts that make them understand the concept clearly.

These exams are highly advantageous for students. The foundation developed after competing in these exams cannot be compared to any other exams. Students can easily participate in the annual exam by filling in the registration form from the website. Once the student completes the registration students receive alerts and notifications for the exams. As these exams are conducted on an online platform, students can conveniently take the exam from their respective homes. The questions in these exams are in MCQ format which needs to be solved within the time boundaries. 


Syllabus - 

Science Olympiad Syllabus            


Practice Tests - 

The Practice test series for classes 1 to 10 are preparation tests. These tests contribute to good practice during the year and prepare learners for Annual Olympiads. These tests also assist them in their academic exams. The practice tests series of ISO are online tests that can be exercised using any smartphone or tablet. These tests will also contain the questions related to the syllabus in MCQ format.


Study Materials -

Olympiad Books              Olympiad Model Question Papers