The International Olympiad has introduced Olympiads conducted at a global level. These exams are held once a year and are scheduled according to the academic schedule. Annual Olympiad Exam has Olympiad exams as International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Maths Olympiad (IMO), International English Olympiad (IEO) and, International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO).

Olympiad Exams are usually conducted to bring out the best in the student. These international level exams are beneficial to the students in the long run. These exams encourage early learning and the students learn to get a grip on the subject. As these exams are conducted on a global level, the level of questions asked is higher than the regular school exams. With immense practice and dedication, students build up confidence and allow them to perform better on an international platform.

Knowledge acquired in the course of preparing for the Olympiads will make the student stand out of the crowd as they go through a different level of advanced questions from the same syllabus that the school program follows. The thinking ability of the students is enhanced as the students get out of their comfort zone and compete with the other juvenile talents across the globe.

The International Olympiad mainly aims in improving the learning ability of the students and keep them motivated. To keep the spirit of motivation on, there are various prizes and awards given to the students achieving excellent ranks on an international level. Students get to win Scholarship prizes, Medals, Certificates, and other exciting prizes for achieving the highest rank.

Participation of the students in the Olympiad Exams encourages them to raise their scholastic attainment & scale their acquaintance level with other students across the world. As these Olympiads frame the questions from the ongoing school program, the students get it easy to understand the topics that are already thought in the school but in a better way. Although these exams are based on the school syllabus, the level of questions will be higher than the customary school examinations.

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