International Maths Olympiad

Maths offers an effective way of building subjective discipline and encourages logical reasoning. Maths is an interesting subject for students as they get to learn the basic concepts of maths in a fun and innovative way. The International Maths Olympiad of TIO is a competitive exam conducted at a global level. Students from different schools across the globe can participate in this exam. It gives the young talent a platform where they can examine their skills. These exams are based on the regular study program of the school.

Syllabus - 

Maths Olympiad Syllabus IMO-Syllabus


Study Materials - 

IMO Books Maths Olympiad Workbooks    IMO Model Question papers


Annual Olympiad - 

International Maths Olympiad is an Annual Olympiad exam conducted every year by The International Olympiad in an online mode. It conducts the Olympiad exam for class 1 to class 10 students. The pattern of these exams is designed considering the regular plan. The questions in these exams are in MCQ format which requires to be resolved within the time frames. Students partaking in International Mathematics Olympiad help them learn real facts that make them understand the concept precisely. These exams are very worthwhile for students. Students can easily participate in the annual exam by filling in the enrollment form from the website. To understand more about the annual Olympiads, click the link below:


Practice Tests - 

An olympiad practice test is given to the students who are willing to participate in competitive exams. This test is a combination of the contents associated with the school board program. The purpose of the practice test is all about letting students learn the concepts of maths. The Practice test series for classes 1 to 10 are preparation tests.

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