International Science Olympiad Class 9

International Science Olympiad Class 9 organized by The International Olympiad is an international level competitive exam. The International Olympiad gives a hand to the students to showcase their talent on a global level platform. It ordinarily aims at the school board program. Science Olympiad Class 9 helps students to improve in the subject. This exam comprises the topics that a grade 9 student is supposed to know. In this huge platform, students across the world participate. The thinking ability is developed as the student learns and studies more in the course of preparation for this exam.


Syllabus - 

SECTION 1: Energy and Work, Music, Friction and force, Gravitation, Motion and its laws, Electricity and Magnetism, Unit of life, Life around us, Crop and its management, Human anatomy and Physiology, Matter and its properties, Chemical changes and reactions, Atomic structure and checmical bonding, The periodic table, Study of Gas Laws, Solid waste management

SECTION 2: Critical Solving Questions as per Section 1

SECTION 3: Series Completion and Alpha Numeric, Analogy, Classification, Coding Decoding, Blood Relations, Puzzle Test, Direcition sense Test, Logical Venn Diagram, Alphabet Test, Ranking, Mathematical Operations


International Olympiad Workbooks:

Science Olympiad book for Class 9 is a specially designed Olympiad workbook which is beneficial for students to Score High in the International Science Olympiad (ISO). This book is available in the Soft Copy (PDF format) which can be accessed through any Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop/Computer device. This Workbook covers various Subjective & Reasoning topics improving student's thinking & reasoning abilities. Students can check their potential by solving the multiple-choice questions which are based off of their school syllabus and treat their minds as well by solving the challenging Mental Ability Questions.

Science Olympiad Book For Class 9


Annual Olympiad - 

Class 9 students can register themselves for Science Olympiad Class 9 exams. This exam is conducted yearly at a global level across the world. The foundation of Science subject is made solid as the competition level is complex and different from the regular school exams. Students get to experience the competitive atmosphere which boosts courage to perform on a huge platform. This exam is an online exam so participating in this exam can be done from the comfort of their home. Students can participate by filling in the registration form from the below link:


Practice Tests - 

Practice Tests of ISO Class 9 are designed to test the understanding the student has gained for the subject. The Practice test series for class 9 provides the students with practice questions and prepares them for the competitive exams. This test ISO Class 9 can be taken using any smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop in an online mode. The questions in this test are examined to increase the learning skills of class 9 students which also improves the learning. Practice Tests are available from the below link.

ISO International Science Olympiad Class 9