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What are the International Olympiad exams?

Olympiad exams are subject-focused competitive exams conducted at a larger common platform spanning countries of the world. Students from different countries, schools, without any prerequisites, compete at a greater platform learning and growing together to help them understand where they stand amongst the peers of the same educational level. These Olympiads are available for various subjects, there is International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Maths Olympiad (IMO), International English Olympiad (IEO), International General Knowledge Olympiad (GKIO). Students can choose to participate in anyone, more than one or all of these Olympiads based upon their convenience. These tests are put together to bring out the actual potential of students, to help them build their confidence and prepare them for similar competitive exams.

Does participation in the International Olympiad require any qualification?

No. The International Olympiads are open to all willing school students, the exams are divided based upon their education level. One requires no pre-requisites or qualifications for participation. These tests only aim to help students learn more about their subject of interest and help them prepare well when preparing for competitive tests, besides providing them much exposure. The Olympiads help the students flourish and develop their skills in multiple aspects.

How can one register to participate in the International Olympiad Examinations?

The process for the International Olympiad exam registration is quite simple. It can be easily carried out online. Interested students need to visit the official website and can register themselves after filling up the basic required details such as name, age, subject of interest and more, in the form, post which they can choose between options to register for practice tests or annual tests based upon their convenience, one is then led to the payment gateway, where one is required to make payment of the respective examination fees, the currency can be chosen from given options. Post this students can avail a variety of educational resources as well.

Individuals can participate in the International Olympiad exams?

Yes. Individual participation in the Olympiad is always welcomed, interested students can individually register themselves for tests and related resources that are easily accessible from smart phones, laptops or tablets. In order to register now, one can click the button of Student Registration and fill in the required details in the registration form. The fees can then be paid from the gateway, to ensure proper registration.

What pattern is followed for the conduction of the International Olympiad Exams?

The International Olympiads follow the multiple-choice question pattern system. The duration of the exam depends on the students class, and the pattern varies accordingly. The first section of the paper usually consists of subjective questions which put to test the understanding of individual topics. The second section comprises higher order of thinking questions, (HOTs), which are a bit tricky, and aimed to test the advanced knowledge of students. The third section is usually for the logical reasoning questions, which is a common part of all subjects that test the analytical skills and problem-solving ability and comprehension capability of students.

What are the Guidelines that one should know about the International Olympiad Exams?

These are the basic guidelines for Olympiad participation:

  • Registration needs to be carried out online, using the official portal itself.
  • All associated exam details are made available on the official website itself.
  • The exam schedule and syllabus are available on the official website.
  • There are no pre-requisites for student’s participation in these exams.
  • All exams are conducted in the most transparent possible way.
  • The devices as laptop, computer and tablet are required to appear for the test, besides stable internet connection.
  • Olympiads will be held this year as well?

    Yes, certainly! The International Olympiad exams will be held this year as well. The schedule for the exams, can now be availed at the official portal of the International Olympiads itself. The winners and achievers will be announced on the official portal of TIO and be rewarded with exciting prizes. In case of a tie the guidelines are well outlines on the official website, which also provides all the more information related to the tests. The registrations can be done on the student's registration page. Interested students can enrol today.