International General Knowledge Olympiad Class 9

Students concentrating in the ninth standard have a pressing factor of scoring admirably in their current year just as the following year. It is said that this year frames the base for board tests. International General Knowledge Olympiad Class 9 exam helps use student potential and acclimates them with current undertakings, quantitative and legitimate thinking, media, writing, science and innovation, fundamental abilities, and a lot more subjects. It plans students for contending on at public and global levels.


Syllabus - 

SECTION 1: Plants & Animals, Our Environment, Science & Technology, The World, Social Studies, Language, Literature, Media, Sports, Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning, Life Skills, Current Affairs.

SECTION 2: Critical Solving Questions as per Section 1

SECTION 3: Series Completion and Alpha Numeric, Analogy, Classification, Coding Decoding, Blood Relations, Puzzle Test, Direcition sense Test, Logical Venn Diagram, Alphabet Test, Ranking, Mathematical Operations 

International Olympiad Workbooks:

General Knowledge Olympiad book for Class 9 is a specially designed Olympiad workbook which is beneficial for students to Score High in the General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO). This workbook is available in the Soft Copy (PDF format) which can be accessed through any Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop/Computer device. This Workbook covers various Subjective & Reasoning topics improving student's thinking & reasoning abilities. Students can check their potential by solving the multiple-choice questions which are based off of their school syllabus and treat their minds as well by solving the challenging Mental Ability Questions.

General Knowledge Olympiad Book For Class 9


Annual Olympiad - 

The GK Olympiad Class 9 by International Olympiad is held once a year with two rounds of the exam. General Knowledge may not be a compulsory subject in board tests, yet it helps in by and large advancement of a kid as it is significant for students to be fully informed regarding late happenings. The GK Olympiad exam can be taken using an Online system using smartphones, tablets, laptops, or Computers. In this exam students are asked several multiple-choice questions which are to be completed within a limited span of minutes. Students securing the highest scores in these exams are rewarded accomplishments and honors. Register for online Olympiads today:


Practice Tests - 

The International Olympiad's for Class 9 is planned to remember the common sense of substance identified with ongoing occasions. It furnishes a variety of inquiries with answers and clarifications to address answers. IGKO Class 9 is beneficial, hence making it fascinating for students to peruse. Students of class 9 doing well in General Knowledge practice tests stay in the spotlight. Sign-up for the practice test can be made from the website. Take practice tests from the below link:

IGKO International General Knowledge Olympiad Class 9