International Maths Olympiad Class 3

The International Olympiad makes it possible for students of class 3 to learn mathematics efficiently and interestingly. International Maths Olympiad Class 3 is a competitive exam that helps students to secure good marks in their academics.

The exam format carries MCQ field questions compared to the ongoing program of the school. It is a globally conducted exam supporting the budding skills to perform great at an international level.

This exam stimulates growing minds and encourages their learning and understanding of the subject.


Syllabus - 


Annual Olympiad - 

The annual Olympiads are also online tests that are conducted from home. International Mathematics Olympiad Class 3 is managed annually at an international level. Students can take this exam from the rest of their residence in an online mode. Olympiads, being national-level competitions is the best way to train students as young as class 3 for future competitions. They become accustomed to challenges, and thus are confident to solve any question that comes their way. Class 3 students are active learners as they have great catch power to the objects that are unique to them.

Students can participate in this Annual Olympiad of Science by clicking on the below link to participate in Annual Olympiad:


Practice Tests - 

The International Olympiad makes it possible for students of class 3 to learn math efficiently and interestingly. The Practice test list for class 3 gives students to practice and prepares them for the competing exams. It provides Olympiad questions that are updated by the teachers and experts in the maths field and which follows the school board program.

This practice examination series can be exercised doing any smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop in an online mode.

To take the Practice Tests please visit the link below: