International Science Olympiad Class 8

International Science Olympiad Class 8 is a competitive exam that encourages students to secure excellent marks. It is a globally conducted exam on the whole introduced to enhance the performance of the student by encouraging the aspiring talents to achieve well at a global level. Students from any corner across the globe compete on a huge platform. This exam inspires developing minds. Students also get an experience of solving logical questions which facilitates reasoning ability. The exam format has MCQ base questions related to the ongoing plan of the school program.


Syllabus - 


Annual Olympiad - 

Science Olympiad Class 8 is conducted yearly at an international level. Class 8 students are responsive learners as they have active grasping power. Students can take this exam from the ease of their home in an online mode. The competition level is different and high than the regular school exams. Students get exposure to compete in a competitive atmosphere. Students can participate in this exam by clicking on the below link:


Practice Tests - 

The Practice test series for class 8 gives students to practice and makes them prepare for the competitive exams. Students need to practice thoroughly if they desire to participate in the ISO Class 8 Exams. Preparing for these exams is not easy as it requires continuous practice on the topic. The practice test series of Science can be exercised using any smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop in an online mode. The questions in this test concentrate on improving the studying aptitudes of class 8 students which additionally advances intellectual knowledge. To take the Practice Tests please click the link below.