International English Olympiad Class 3

Students showing up for Olympiad tests in grade 3 know about the subject and with the example of tests. Hence, English Olympiad Class 3 tests for students lay accentuations on the English capability test. Exceptional significance is given to appreciation, withdrawals, accentuations, sentence development, question arrangement, etc. There are adequate quantities of addressed models in all English books for Class 3. Every single question clarifies the purposes behind the right answer so students are in a superior situation to understand various kinds of questions. Students who show up for such tests at a youthful age can confront different serious tests without any problem. The Olympiad International urges students to concentrate well and capitalize on exercise manuals gave to them.


Syllabus - 

SECTION 1: Nouns and Pronouns, Verbs (auxiliary verbs), Adverbs and Adjectives, Prepositions and Conjunctions, Articles, Word power (Singular-plural, Gender, Spell, Odd one, Homophones), Synonyms and antonyms, Question formation (Wh and Q. tags), Sentence formation (Jumbled words), Tenses - Present, past and future, Punctuations and Contractions, Express yourself(Spoken and written), Comprehension (Stories and Poetry)

SECTION 2: Critical Solving Questions as per Section 1

SECTION 3: Alphabet Test, Number Series, Analogy and Classification, Ranking Test, Logical Sequence of Word and Letter, Coding Decoding, Paper Folding and Cutting, Blood Relations, Direcition sense test, Mirror image, Geometrical shapes, Grouping, Embedded   Days and Dates and possible

International Olympiad Workbooks:

English Olympiad book for Class 3 is a specially designed Olympiad workbook which is beneficial for students to Score High in the English International Olympiad (EIO). This book is available in the Soft Copy (PDF format) which can be accessed through any Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop/Computer device. This Workbook covers various Subjective & Reasoning topics improving student's thinking & reasoning abilities. Students can check their potential by solving the multiple-choice questions which are based off of their school syllabus and treat their minds as well by solving the challenging Mental Ability Questions.

English Olympiad Book For Class 3


Annual Olympiad - 

The International English Olympiad is an Annual Olympiad exam conducted by The International Olympiad. This exam mainly focuses on improving the vocabulary of the students by giving them exercises based on the ongoing syllabus but at a high level. This Olympiad exam is conducted once a year and is taken through an online portal. This is an online proctored exam that maintains the integrity of the online exam. Students study and learn more when they participate in any such competitive exams. To register for English Olympiad Exam click on the below link.


Practice Tests - 

The questions that are part of the English Olympiad Class 3 syllabus are learner-friendly. Practice test series ensures to make grammar interesting. This test gives students questions based on grammar, prose, comprehension, and composition. This IEO Class online test is one of the popular ways of conducting tests at home. To register for the practice test enrol from the below link.

IEO International English Olympiad Class 3