International Maths Olympiad Class 9

International Mathematics Olympiad Class 9 directs on making them ready for various competitive exams at national and international levels. International Maths Olympiad Class 9 helps to know the ability of all students. Olympiad exams are the best way to teach the way of using different methods. Students of grade 5 can test their learning and increase their knowledge. It covers various topics such as number operations, algebraic formulations, linear comparisons, triangles, and quadrilaterals, and so on. The logical skills applied to solve these questions will help students to be applied in all other designed aggressive exams. Teachers forward with parents must promote students to compete in the National Mathematics Olympiad as it improves their self-confidence level.


Syllabus - 

SECTION 1: Number system (Rational and irrational numbers), Comparing Quantities, Algebraic expression, Linear equation in two variables, Indices/ Exponents, Lines and angles, Triangle, Circle, Quadrilateral and its Area, Statistics, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Co-ordinate Geometry, Data Handing(pie)

SECTION 2: Critical Solving Questions as per Section 1

SECTION 3: Series Completion and Alpha Numeric, Analogy, Classification, Coding Decoding, Blood Relations, Puzzle Test, Direcition sense Test, Logical Venn Diagram, Alphabet Test, Ranking, Mathematical Operations 

International Olympiad Workbooks:

Maths Olympiad book for Class 9 is a specially designed Olympiad workbook which is beneficial for students to Score High in the International Maths Olympiad (IMO). This IMO book is available in the Soft Copy (PDF format) which can be accessed through any Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop/Computer device. This Workbook covers various Subjective & Reasoning topics improving student's thinking & reasoning abilities. Students can check their potential by solving the multiple-choice questions which are based off of their school syllabus and treat their minds as well by solving the challenging Mental Ability Questions.

Maths Olympiad Book For Class 9


Annual Olympiad - 

Annual Olympiads are also managed online. The class 9 Mathematics Olympiad can be used sitting at home doing any tablet or smartphone.

Students develop an interest in the subject and enable them to develop their subject learning.

Students who participate in the annual Olympiads can remember vital points prescribed by the organization. They also learn essential questions that they practice during the year. The exams are listed in a well-structured manner by specialists. It reveals both sides of the developing brain. This exam can be practised on an online form and the members can look for the exam on the scheduled dates. 

Students can participate individually by registering from the below link:


Practice Tests - 

IMO Class 9 Practise tests are designed to familiarize students with the type of questions coming in Olympiad exams. 

The Practice test series are created open to the students performing in competitive exams. International Maths Olympiad Class 9 attended by The International Olympiad explains to the students who maintain the tenacity to solve problems. This is a unique test designed to provide a comprehensive guide to Exemplar Problems for Class 9 students.

By practising the Olympiad questions, become used to the topics, and can get well in their last exams.

To enrol for the practice tests register from the below link: