The Students who are participating in international olympiad need to know in detail about the ranking criteria to understand the ranking allocation process. Ranking process is explained clearly to understand how the ranks are allotted to the students based on various factors are explained in steps.


Olympiad exams conducted by The International Olympiad are competitive exams held at an International level. These exams make the student ready to encounter different competitive exams that act as a rehearsal ground for them to withstand every challenge. Such exams give revelation to learners to exhibit their skills and knowledge while competing with other exemplary students. The Annual Olympiad Exam has exams named as International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Maths Olympiad (IMO), International English Olympiad (IEO) and, International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO).

Although the syllabus of the Olympiad is based upon the academic syllabus, it still holds loads of other additional questions that are based on conceptual points. The students should learn the subject thoroughly to achieve excellence in these exams. Students should also try solving different questions based on the topics to check their knowledge. Solving several questions is an absolute requirement because it remains very beneficial to investigate the kind of problems asked in the Olympiads. For practicing questions for Olympiad exams register for the Practice Test Series from the below link - 

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Using the time efficiently is very important. Students need to ensure that they distribute the time and generate a timetable to follow thoroughly. The participant needs to stay focused and motivated while preparing for the Olympiads and do extensive practice regularly. Before preparing for any competitive exam like Olympiad exams students should maintain a summary of a few things that would benefit them if they follow them thoroughly. This has two sections. Section 1 comprises questions based on their corresponding theoretical fundamentals & section 2 contains questions based on logical reasoning, problem-solving & analytical skills. It remains extremely essential to understand the syllabus of the exam. The International Olympiad follows the regular school syllabus. Students can learn the syllabus for each subject from the below link -