International General Knowledge Olympiad

Students who stay updated with the latest things and the present events all over the globe go a long way in shaping their careers. The International Olympiad offers an International General Knowledge Olympiad exam that tests student's General Knowledge in different perspectives like climate, science, and discovery, topography, history, plants, and creatures, diversion, fundamental abilities, language and writing, transport, sports, civics, governmental issues, etc. Therefore, the test isn't limited to current undertakings, however, focuses on the general advancement of youngsters.

Syllabus - 

IGKO Syllabus


Study Materials:

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Annual Olympiad - 

The International Olympiad conducts Annual Olympiad Exams every year from class 1 to class 10 students. To take a benefit from GK Olympiad, students can quickly visit the website by choosing the Registration form & paying the Fees. This exam is available to students from class 1 to class 10. It includes all numerous questions related to the subject. The deserving students are given rewards with prizes and grants scholarships at the global level. Students competing for online exams can take this exam from any device like Laptop, Computer, Mobile, or Tablet. 

To register for the Annual Olympiad Exam, visit the below link.


Practice Tests - 

IGKO practice test series is one of the one-of-a-kind tests that cause students to learn something out of the crate. The subjects included under IGKO are not restricted to coursebook information. It allows students to open their position and earn considerably more than what is instructed in schools. General Knowledge tests assume an important part in making students' destinies. This test is planned in such a way so that the students can comprehend the explanation for the right answer and they can grasp the knowledge better. To more about these tests kindly visit the below link: