International English Olympiad Class 1

Worldwide International English Olympiad Class 1 spotlight on building perusing abilities for students. The substance of English Olympiad Class 1 is perused amicable and planned to remember the brain research of Class 1 students. The International Olympiad comprehends the specific need of students, falling under this specific age bunch, which is the reason parts are isolated into various portions. Students are at first encouraged how to make words utilizing vowels and consonants. Progressively, they gain proficiency with the significance of each word. Further, alternate extremes of words are presented. Some different ideas that are canvassed in English Book for Class1 incorporate picture perusing, things, activities, articles, and relational words. Every section comprises numerous decision questions, with answers and clarifications. Students can likewise test their coherent thinking skills.


Syllabus - 


Annual Olympiad - 

The Annual Olympiads of International Englis Olympiad Class 1 is an excellent way to excel in their academic exams. Class 1 English acts a vital role in strengthening the vocabulary. It is conducted once a year and students can participate in this exam.

Students can participate individually by registering from the below link:


Practice Tests - 

The IEO Class 1 Practice test series are created for the students wanting to participate in a competitive exam. English Olympiad practice test series is a modernized alternative for those who want to shine in English subjects. This test holds the questions related to grammar, prose, comprehension, composition. The question in this exam is in multiple-choice format. This test is suggested to the students to improve their speaking skills.

To enroll for the practice tests register from the below link: