International Olympiad Guidelines

Exam Details

Total number of questions: 50 Questions (Class 1 to 10)

Total marks: 50

Duration of the Exam: 45 min

Centre of the exam: Student's respective home

Olympiad Exams of Science, Mathematics, English& GK


Exam Slot Note:

Students unable to appear for Online Annual Olympiad Exam in ‘Slot 1’ will be automatically shifted to ‘Slot 2’(According to the Schedule)


Exam System Required:

1. Exam Platform Test will be protected

2. Students can take this exam from any Smartphone (Android 8 & above /iOS), Tablet (Android/iPad OS) OR any Laptop/ Computer with Camera & Microphone (Windows/MAC).

3. Smartphone/ Tablet Browser

                    - Android : Chrome Browser, 86 & above

                    - OS / iPAD : On iOS, browser is Safari. Tests will work on Safari 12 & above

                    - If mobile data is being used, ensure network reception is strong

                    - Disable App notifications

                    - Disable video calling – WhatsApp and other apps.

                    - Phone to be fully charged, candidate to be near charging point

                    - Your exam may end immediately if you migrate away from the test window.

4. Students using Windows Laptop/Computer, the Operating System should be Windows 8 & above.

5. You can attempt testson the alongside recommended Browser i.e. Chrome version 86 & above.

6. Exam Platform requires a minimum upload bandwidth(speed) to run online tests for webcam proctored test at 512 kbps, can be checked at


Exam Login Guidelines:

1. Students must take Olympiad Exam on the Official Website’s by logging-in to the ‘Student Login’.

2. Student Must Login with their Respective Registered Mobile Numbers & Passwords set by themselves at the time of the Registration.

3. Mock tests will be provided 30 days before the examination date for individual participating students (for Online Annual Olympiad Exam) The mock test depicts the original exam so that student will be habituated to the online exam pattern and environment.

4. Student Must give permission for Camera & Microphone to ‘Allow’ capturing the photo/video & sound while taking the test.