Dear Parents / Students,

The International Olympiad introduced "Annual Olympiads Exams" for class 1 and class 10 students.

Students participating in the Annual Olympiad Exam can appear for the Olympiad from their home using any device such as Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or Smart Phone. Pupils must follow Olympiad procedures and instructions before taking the Annual Olympiad Exam.

Online Annual Olympiad Exam consists of MCQ based questions. Olympiad question paper is divided into three sections - Subjective, Critical Thinking and Reasoning. The complexity of the questions ranges according to the courses of the classes.

Total number of questions: 50 Questions (Class 1 to 10 - Olympiad Exams of Science, Mathematics, English & GK) 

Total marks: 50 Marks

Duration of the Exam: 45 Minutes

Centre of the exam: Student's respective home

Note: Students residing out of India need to set their device time as per Indian Standard Time (IST)

  • Exam Platform Test will be protected
  • Students can take this exam from any Smartphone (Android 8 & above /iOS), Tablet (Android/iPad OS) OR any Laptop/ Computer with Camera & Microphone (Windows/MAC).
  • Smartphone/ Tablet Browser
    • Android : Chrome Browser, 86 & above
    • OS / iPAD : On iOS, browser is Safari. Tests will work on Safari 12 & above
    • If mobile data is being used, ensure network reception is strong
    • Disable App notifications
    • Disable video calling – WhatsApp and other apps.
    • Phone to be fully charged, candidate to be near charging point
    • Your exam may end immediately if you migrate away from the test window.
  • Students using Windows Laptop/Computer, the Operating System should be Windows 8 & above.
  • You can attempt testson the alongside recommended Browser i.e. Chrome version 86 & above.
  • Exam Platform requires a minimum upload bandwidth(speed) to run online tests for webcam proctored test at 512 kbps, can be checked at

  • Students must take Olympiad Exam on the Official Website’s by logging-in to the ‘Student Login’.
  • Online Olympiad Exam will remain active from 7:00am till 9:00pm (according to IST) on scheduled dates.
  • Student must login with their respective registered mobile numbers & passwords set by themselves at the time of the registration.
  • Device used for taking the exam must have the Webcam/Front Camera & Microphone Facility as the Olympiad Exam will be REMOTELY PROCTORED and will be monitored by INVIGILATORS. This remotely proctored exam will motinor students with the help of audio recording, video recording, multi-browser detection, and eyeball recognition functions. Student need to give permission for Camera & Microphone by clicking on the ‘Allow’ button of the permission pop-up.
  • Mock tests will be provided in the students's profile before the examination date for individual participating students (for Online Olympiad Exam). The mock test depicts the original exam so that student will be habituated to the online exam pattern and environment. Mock tests will be valid till 02nd January 2022.

Very Important Points to be Considered: (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)

  • Only ONE ATTEMPT will be provided.
  • Once the test is startetd, one should not Click on 'Back Key of the Smartphone', should not press 'Enter Key of the Keyboard', should not 'Minimize' the exam window, or 'Close the Window Abruptly' which may lead to submition of the exam. (No second attempt will be provided.)
  • Students who scroll the questions once they initiate with the test MUST BE CAREFUL while scrolling. If you click on the 'Submit' button "By Mistakenly" too on the last question, with Less or No questions attempt, the Test will still be submitted automatically and no second option will be provided
  • If for any reason the exam gets closed or submitted by the student, No Extra Attempt will be provided.
  • In any case if the Exam get 'Closed' without submitting all the answers, no additional attempt will be given.
  • Students need to make sure that the internet connectivity is stable to avoid any connectivity related issues during the exam, as no additional attempt will be provided.

  • Ensure that the system and browsers are updated to prevent technical difficulties during the course of exam.
  • Students appearing for International Olympiad Exam must read all the instructions related to the exam carefully before starting the original exam.
  • Students should keep a watch on time (The Timer will begins immdiately as soon as the student clicks on the "Start Test" of the exam tab) as NO ADDITIONAL TIME will be provided. If the time gets over, the exam gets automatically submitted.
  • DATE AND TIME ARE RECORDED once the student clicks and opens the exam tab for the first time.
  • Once the student clicks on the exam tab, he/she is not allowed to quit/close the exam tab (with/without attempting any question) as once the exam tab is closed, it CANNOT BE RESUMED (reopened)
  • If the exam window is close before submitting all the questions, the marks will not be recorded and NO SECOND ATTEMPT will be provided and a note will be displayed stating that 'The student has attempted the test on (Date) at (Time)'.
  • First click on the exam tab will be considered as the student IS ATTEMPTING THE TEST and will be remarked as SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSION upon closing the test tab. (Note: Do not close any window before attempting and submitting all the exam questions.)
  • Students should not press the refresh / reload / back button which can lead to submission of the exam and the exam will be considered as successful submission.
  • Students should use device with front camera/webcam. Voice record, video record, eyeball recognition, multi browser detection & image capturing will be automatically started once the student clicks on the exam tab. Note: Students’ score will not be considered if the permission to access the camera/microphone (if asked) is denied/not allowed.
  • No browser tab should be opened while attempting exam as the screen gets recorded.
  • Students are NOT ALLOWED TO LOOK AROUND as the Camera will record the photos taken while appearing the exam.
  • NO OTHER PERSON except the participating student is allowed to enter the room (space) while the student is attempting the exam.
  • For class one and two students – parent/guardian is allowed to sit with the student to READ QUESTIONS ONLY.
  • Students are requested to sit on a clean desk/study table with no object except the device and the parents/students need to ensure that the room is as quite as possible.
  • Rough paper can be used to solve logical problems and should be kept on a desk/study table while attempting the exam so that it is clearly seen by the invigilator. (rough paper should be captured in camera)
  • Use of calculator / similar devices is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Students can recheck their selected answers before clicking on finish button and submitting the exam.
  • Device (mobile) should be held upright so that the face visibility is ensured by the invigilator.

  • It is recommended that each and every participant must read and understand all the terms & conditions of Online Olympiad Exam.
  • System and browsers should be kept updated in order to prevent technical difficulties during the exam. The International Olympiad management shall not be responsible for the outcome caused due to any occurrence like Power Failure, Slow Internet Speed, Internet Failure, etc.
  • After submission of Online Exam, the exam invigilator shall verify for any malpractices – through voice recording, video recording and random image captured at the time of exam.
  • No second chance will be given to the student to retake the test. If the student has closed the test window without submitting or attempting the complete test, it will be considered as a SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSION. QUESTIONS RELATED TO THE SAME WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED.
  • The student has to make sure that the internet connection and power supply is proper to avoid any interruption in the test. The International Olympiad is not responsible for any such failure and questions raised on the same will not be entertained.
  • The student needs to make sure that the device (mobile/laptop/desktop) used for taking the test is charged enough to avoid any interruption while taking the test. Student should make sure that the internet connection is proper in case of data plan or Wi-Fi connection.
  • If the exam window is reloaded/refreshed/closed, then it will be recorded as the "SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSION". Questions raised on the same will not be entertained.
  • If the test gets interrupted due to any of the above-listed points; the test will be recorded as the "SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSION". Questions raised on the same will not be entertained.
  • During the test, if any malpractice is observed in image captured, in audio& video recording, the student will be disqualified. No questions related to this are entertained.
  • Students cannot open any other tab while attempting exam as the screen is recorded. If found, student test is terminated. No questions related to this are entertained.
  • Online exam rules are very strict and are important part. Therefore, it must be considered with priority and no negligence of rules will be tolerated.
  • The audio/video recording and image captured during the exam will not be provided to any student/parent/guardian/ school principal/school in-charge teacher as it is strictly confidential according to the Privacy Policy of The International Olympiad. No questions related to the same will not be entertained.
  • The announced result of The International Olympiad will be full and final. Since it is an “Online Examination”, there will be no revaluation.
  • The decision of management is final and irreversible, the questions related to the same are not entertained.
  • Upon completing the registration process, you are agreeing to all T & C set by The International Olympiad. Students/Parents cannot question management’s decision at any point.
  • If you register with The International Olympiad, you are agreeing to receive messages and call from The International Olympiad.
  • If there is any threatening/illogical argument regarding the results even after primarily agreeing to all the terms & conditions, the Subscription & Scholarship of the said participant will be terminated & results will be discarded.
  • Any disputes will be subject to the Legal Jurisdiction of Mumbai.
  • If any termination of the exam is down by management thereafter no award will be rewarded to the respective student.
  • The International Olympiad’s Decision is full & final and is irreversible.
  • Participation shall be terminated/disqualified if any illogical argument is done.