International Maths Olympiad Class 8

IMO Class 8 has exactly what is required for them to face international competition. The International Olympiad provides help to the students to showcase their talent on an international level program. It presents them absolutely to answer a category of questions. This exam includes the topics that a class 8 student is expected to understand. This would help them to fare well in their final Olympiad exams. Students will be able to understand rational numbers, integers, and whole numbers. The syllabus is frequently the same as directed by the school. The reasoning ability is improved as the student tends to learn and study more in the course of preparation for this exam.


Syllabus - 


Annual Olympiad - 

The annual International Maths Olympiad Class 8 can select any of the slots and participate accordingly. The International Olympiad shares tips and tricks to improve students’ performance. Class 8 students can register themselves for International Mathematics Olympiad Class 8 exams. Students must maintain a schedule to study for the olympiads. Students get an experience of the aggressive environment which raises faith to perform on a huge platform.

It is a good method to experience different types of queries and solve each of one them. It is necessary to know ideas and concepts, but it is important to get their application.

Individually students can participate by filling in the registration form from the below link:


Practice Tests - 

National Mathematics Olympiad for class 8 is designed by the The International Olympiad. This exam is held across India on an international level.

Olympiad practice test series are designed to familiarize students with the type of questions coming in Olympiad exams. The Olympiad method test also includes the latest exam paper with an answer key to give recent exam perception. This practice test series of IMO Grade 8 can be attained using any smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop in an online mode. Problem-solving and thinking techniques are tested.

Practice Tests are available from the below link. Please visit the link below to take the practice tests.