International Science Olympiad Class 4

The International Olympiad lends a hand to the students to showcase their talent on an international level platform. It conventionally aims at the school board program. International Science Olympiad Class 4 benefits students to improve themselves. Since this exam is held at an international level, students get an opportunity not only to compete with other students but also to test their knowledge and potential at the global level. This exam covers the topics that a grade 4 student is supposed to know. In this huge platform, students across the world participate.

The reasoning ability is improved as the student tends to learn and study more in the course of preparation for this exam.


Syllabus - 


Annual Olympiad - 

Class 4 students can register themselves for Science Olympiad Class 4 exams. Science Olympiad Class 4 is conducted annually at an international level across the world. Class 4 students have great grasping power and learning ability. The base of Science subject is made solid as the competition level is complex and different from the regular school exams. Students get an experience of the competitive environment which raises confidence to perform on a huge platform. This exam is an online exam so the participating students can appear for the exam from the comfort of their home on the scheduled dates. 

Individually students can participate by filling in the registration form from the below link:


Practice Tests - 

The Practice test series for class 4 provides the students with practice and prepares them for the competitive exams. This practice test series of ISO Class 4 can be taken using any smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop in an online mode. Students need to study a lot if they want to compete in the Olympiad Exams. Preparation for such exams is not easy as it requires tremendous work. The problems in this test are concentrated to increase the learning skills of class 4 students which also improves intellectual knowledge. Practice Tests are available from the below link. Please visit the link below to take the practice tests.