International Science Olympiad Class 10

International Science Olympiad Class 10 helps to identify the capability and true potential of the student that may assist them to survive better in the modern competitive environment. This exam is based on the regular school board program that contains topics based on subjects taught in the school. Students from any corner across the globe compete with each other on a large platform. Competing on an international platform provides students morale and keeps them motivated. The learning ability is enhanced as the learner tends to absorb and study more while preparing for this exam.


Syllabus - 


Annual Olympiad - 

Help students compete in Science Olympiad Class 10 to test their grip on the subject. Students develop an interest in the subject and allow them to improve their subject knowledge. This exam is conducted annually on an international level platform across the world. This exam helps in making the base of Science subjects strong as the complexity level may differ from the everyday school exams. Students get exposure to the competitive atmosphere which boosts confidence to perform. This exam can be taken on an online mode. The participants can appear for the exam on the scheduled dates. Students can participate personally by registering from the below link:


Practice Tests - 

If you are planning to participate in competitive exams like the ISO Class 10 Olympiad exam, you need to go through all the higher-level questions which require a fair understanding of the subject and need a strong foundation. These tests comprise the topics from the regular school board program that are framed by the subject experts. The topics are well prepared and segregated as per the chapters. To obtain the practice tests register from the below link: