International Maths Olympiad Class 1

Maths Olympiad organized by The International Olympiad is an international level competitive exam. Maths Olympiad provides an efficient way of improving thinking and encourages the student in answering reasoning questions. International Maths Olympiad Class 1 is conducted at the international level for students in class 1.


Syllabus - 


Annual Olympiad - 

Annual Olympiads of International Mathematics Olympiad Class 1 is similar to the competitive exams, the only difference is, the questions are varied, with an increased time limit and an enhancement in the number of questions. The annual Olympiad conducted by TIO is held once a year. International Science Olympiad class 1 is carried in an online mode where students can take this exam at the convenience of their home. Students of class 1 are at a tender age where they begin from the basics. Participationcan be done online for the IMO class 1 exam. Students can fill in the details in the registration form and compete with other students across the globe. 

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Practice Tests - 

To prepare for the class 1 math Olympiad, you can take The International Olympiad's IMO Class 8 practice test series. The International Maths Olympiad has been conducted at the International level for students in class 1. The aim of the practice test is all about letting students efficiently learn the concepts of maths. Content in the practice test is assembled following in mind the ability and intelligence of Class 1 students.

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