International Maths Olympiad Class 5

International Maths Olympiad Class 5 helps to identify the capability of all students. This exam is based on the regular school board plan that includes related questions based on subjects studied in the school. This exam is the best way to implant the habit of using unique methods. Students of grade 5 can test their learning and improve their knowledge. The analytical skills applied to solve these questions will help students to be applied in all other organized competitive exams.


Syllabus - 


Annual Olympiad - 

IMO Class 5 Annual Olympiad are also online exams conducted a year. Students develop an interest in the subject and enable them to develop their subject learning. It makes them thorough in the subject. Students have to solve questions based on patterns, relations, colors, series, and more other logical parameters. It explains both sides of the growing brain. This exam can be taken online and the participants. Students get exposure to the competing atmosphere which increases confidence to perform. Students can participate individually by registering from the below link:


Practice Tests - 

International Mathematics Olympiad Class 5 provides an opportunity to the students who possess the strength to resolve problems. The Practice test series are planned openly for the students performing in competitive exams. Experts in Maths took care while constructing the content that is easy to understand. The Practise test consists of answer keys to the topic. By practicing the Olympiad questions, become used to the topics, and can score well in their final exams. To enroll for the practice tests register from the below link: