International Science Olympiad Class 5

Students of Class 5 can participate in International Science Olympiad Class 5. This exam is a competitive exam that gives students a huge platform to showcase their academic knowledge. Students on a huge stage participate and compete other students across the world. As this exam is conducted at an international level student get an exposure to the comepetitive atmosphere from a small age which boosts their confidence and improves the academic scores. Students of class 5 can examine their knowledge and increase their learning. This exam is based on the regular school program that includes questions related to topics based on subjects taught in the academic program.


Syllabus - 


Annual Olympiad - 

Encourage students to compete in Science Olympiad Class 5 and know their aptitude. Students catch interest in the subject and enable them to elevate their subject understanding. This exam is organized across the world in an online mode. As the complexity level of this exam is high it helps in making the base of the subject strong. Students tend to develop a sense of self-confidence and a spirit of motivation among the student is bloomed. This exam can be taken on an online mode and the participants can register for this exam from the below link.


Practice Tests - 

Students participating in competitive exams like the ISO Class 5, should be prepared for the higher-level questions which require a more immeasurable knowledge of the subject which helps to prepare a strong foundation. The Practice test series are created for the students performing in competitive exams. These tests incorporate the topics from the regular school board program. The topics are expertly arranged and segregated as per the chapters. To enroll for the practice tests enroll from the below link: