International Maths Olympiad Class 2

School exams are not sufficient for students of today’s times. International Maths Olympiad Class 2 is a competitive exam that experiments students’ expertise in the subject. Students of class 2 can enlist their name with The International Olympiad for participating in Maths Olympiad. Maths forms the base of all professional options. This exam intends to promote the academic growth and achievement of the pupils by making them accustomed to the appropriate and essential chapters and topics of the subject.


Syllabus - 


Annual Olympiad - 

All annual exams are conducted using fair systems. International Mathematics Olympiad Class 2 bridges the gap between education and knowledge. The Annual Olympiad is held once a year at an international platform. International Maths Olympiad class 2 is carried online, where students can participate in this exam at the comfort of their residence. Students can register and compete with other students over the globe.

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Practice Tests - 

IMO Class 2 practice test series are a great resource that helps them to prepare for other competitive exams. International Mathematics Olympiad practice test comprises content that is fully outlined in the school board program. This practice test can be conveniently modified to any state curriculum. The Practice test series for class 2 Maths supports students to work up for such competing exams.

For more information on the Practice Tests please visit the link below.