How One Can Manage Their Time When Appearing For An Olympiad Exam

How one can manage their time when appearing for an Olympiad exam.

Olympiads are subject-specific competitive exams that are held based upon student’s education level, aimed to help them develop a deeper and better understanding of a subject. These exams are greatly sought after these days for they have many benefits and can be a rewarding experience for they not only provide bright young minds with the required exposure to inspire them to strive and work hard but also provide them with a platform to showcase their skills, to help them develop an idea about the competitive exams, help enhance their confidence, add to their academics and aid in the development of a variety of their skills besides inculcating useful habits of regular practice and revision. But performing well requires much effort and dedication. One of the determining factors when it comes to such competitive exams is the preparation, which is influenced by a variety of factors as understanding, efforts, and availability of resources but, of these proper time management plays a huge part and greatly affects a student’s performance. Here are fifteen ways as to how one can manage their time when choosing to appear for an Olympiad exam:

1. Preparing a study plan: Simple study plans based upon the subject of interest help one keep a better track of time

2. Developing a routine: A weekly or daily routine can help one properly organize their actions for the day and prevent loss of time. Getting accustomed to the schedule can further help student’s complete work more efficiently.

3. Syllabus: One is expected to be informed about their syllabus and plan their routine accordingly to help cover all topics better in a way such that there still remains an opportunity for them to revise and no topics are left behind.

4. Prioritize subjects of interest: It should be done to help one better focus on one subject, while the others are chosen and time is dedicated to them per requirement. 

5. Include breaks: It helps retain information better all the while allowing one time for relaxing and snacking. 

6. Flexibility: The schedule should be flexible and offer students time for other activities and relaxation as well, to prevent one from being overwhelmed.

7. Self-assessment: Students should assess their performances at regular intervals to keep a better track of their progress and manage their schedules accordingly. 

8. Keeping a track of progress: Post self-assessment one should dedicate time to weaker areas and work upon easy topics keeping a balance. 

9. Practice: Keeping up with the practice of various topic related questions, improves accuracy and speed besides performance. 

10. Solving model question papers: These are good for both practice and revision and also adds to improved understanding of topics, helps one time themselves and are a great way to productively use time.

11. Use of online resources: The internet provides students with a variety of digital resources from notes to online mock tests, these are good for one to make use of since they not only help save time but also help prepare better.

12. Revision: It helps one to retain information in a better way for longer periods, hence frequent revision keeps one in touch with the subject topic helping them cover the syllabus well.

13. Knowing the question paper well: Various exams offer the paper pattern and mark distribution, one should have a proper Idea about these to save time and perform and prepare accordingly.

14. Strategize: Post knowing of the paper pattern and marks distribution, students are advised to strategize for the exam better so that they can save time and perform better, this can further be improved via regular practice.

15. Care for mental health: Students are advised not to overwork and overburden themselves in the moments before the exam or while preparing for it, instead one is advised to prepare from the starting, to manage things well and allow things to settle into place in due time, to help themselves perform better and retain things longer.

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