About The International Olympiad

Almost a seven-decade old practice of organizing Olympiads in educational institutions have become overshadowed with the emergence of the pandemic. With the first International Math Olympiad held in Romania 1959, state of affairs has not been the same. The pandemic not only affect the psychological health of the children but also affect what was considered the very basic and fundamental – their normality. While everyone is praying for the eradication of Covid-19, one need to make sure about maintaining this very normality so that the essence of the learning process and education is not lost.

Olympiads are competitive exams for students precisely designed for their academic advancement beyond the curriculum specific books. These are based on discrete subjects including Maths, Science, General knowledge and English. The child can choose to take part in one or more than one subject based on her area of interest.

The International Olympiad is endeavoured at conducting international level Olympiads as means for students to compete with other students on a similar educational level. It acts as a platform which not only manages exams but also provide valuable feedbacks for further improvisation.

The exams are open to students of classes 1 to 10 for Indian as well as international students.

The exams conducted are eligible to individuals as well as schools. Schools can conduct the Olympiads for their students and can register in bulk for healthy peer group competition along with international competition. This way online resources can be used to its optimal use for the benefits of students.

The organisation also believes in rewards as a reinforcing element for student’s encouragement. Rewarding acts as basic Classical Conditioning where in the individual associates an involuntary response and a stimulus. It further crates a positive correlation for gaining knowledge and receiving rewards which in turn helps in the long-term development of the individual as a hard working being.

International Olympiad rankings will be given to students which will help students in regaining the loss of competitive environment due to deprivation of school interactions. The entire rank allocation programme and its processes are transparent with no grey areas left.

Entire syllabus is designed to further curiosity, problem-solving ability, analytical thinking, testing students' aptitude and the zeal to look beyond what is just taught in books. Students gain self-motivation for knowledge gaining and not just for seeking higher marks. increased attention span and distancing from distractions assists behavioral enhancement, with learning to disagree and unlearn. All this prepares the individual for the future to explore novelty.

Olympiads inculcate the habit of revision in students. The syllabus not only aids in curiosity but it is also aligned with the school exam syllabus which helps in academics without putting pressure on students. This this why the students are segregated mainly on their educational lever which is best determined by the grade that they study in.

Olympiads are good way of not just introducing the child to a competitive environment where she competes with others but also a way to test one’s own self. This helps in the detection of student’s area of interest from an early stage where they can further explore and proceed to excel.

Talent and hard work should always be acknowledged and equally rewarded which is why, the international Olympiad also provides certificates to all the students, weather rank holders or non-rank holders, which increases the general academic impression of the student with holding much value to itself. Along with acting as a reward the certificate also boosts the child’s confidence and promotes them to working on themselves towards an efficacious identity.

There are several psychological advantages of Olympiads for students. Olympiads condition the student’s mind to think. It adds to flexibility in child’s learning which juxtaposes the rigidity of syllabus they have to follow every semester to clear exams.

The whole process of taking part in the Olympiad effects the mental health and emotional health of the participant which in turn affects their cognizance capacities in a constructive way. As more and more people get aware about mental health and the far-fetched effects of it, it is important for parents, educators and guardians to understand the ways in which diversion to mind helps in long term prevention to psychological fatigue. One of the ways are Olympiads.

The international Olympiad is among the best coordinators of the Olympiads on an overall scale, giving the student an incredible stage and an extended scope of exposure, to develop with students of their instructive level from around the world and gain from regarded people at the same time.

The organization promotes Healthy competition which prepare the child for upcoming challenges of adulthood from the very initial stages. This why the individual will be trained enough to face deadlines, and be exposed to competition which are part and parcel of the growing process.


The international Olympiad operates through a user-friendly site. The site interface is simple and informative, explaining about the basic information about the organization and their proceeds with Olympiads. All the information regarding the timings, eligibility, rewards, subject and fees related information is mentioned on the interface. Students can register from all electronic devices. All the important informative links are provided at the bottom of the page.


With the introduction of Internet of things and its more advance form, artificial intelligence, in all spheres of lives including education and academics, it is important to congregate this information for purposes beneficial for the students. The huge amount of information available just through simple pressing of buttons makes it vulnerable to misuse. Thus, it is important to direct the information towards positive use and condition the student’s mind to proceed in a way where the use of data is for constructive, pragmatic and optimal knowledge gaining. 

The International Olympiad acts as the best platform to direct child’s abundant capabilities towards their more productive and confident self with the process of testing, examining, mentoring, and rewarding. The whole process helps them to achieve comprehension skills through the wide set of application-based questions which requires them to be absorbed in brainstorming sessions.