Why should kids be encouraged to register for Maths Olympiads?

Mathematics Olympiads are tests for those who want a better understanding of the subject, want to improve at it or are enthusiastic about it for the subject is feared by multitudes of people. But none can overrule the fact that it holds much value when it comes to education. Maths can help improve a student’s overall performance in academics aiding to ease much of their worries If one can keep up with regular practice put in effort for the subject without prejudices, Mathematics can be amongst the most scoring subject that benefits parts of various other subjects given as to its application in various places. All it takes is dedicated practice and earnest efforts.
Here are a few reasons to encourage kids to participate in the Mathematics Olympiads:


•    Platform: These Olympiads serve to provide budding, bright and hard-working individuals with exposure, it provides them with a well-renowned platform to showcase their skills and present their hard work.

•    Boost morale: Good results and practice add to the student's morale and confidence, serving as an encouragement for them to learn and further grow, striving to excel.

•    Aid in the academics: The syllabus for all the Olympiads align with the academic syllabus for a student belonging to the major educational boards, so students of any board can participate in the exam and benefit from it, adding to their understanding of a subject and improving upon their regular academics.

•    Familiarize students with the exam environment: The tests serve as a chance for students to better get a feel of how competitive exams are organized, the environment, its conduction, regulations and associated fine details, providing the students with an opportunity to improve and learn. The experience helps the students to prepare better for possible future competitive exams.

•    Inculcation of good habits: Olympiads help the students inculcate habits of regular practice and revision, which allows one to make a schedule, keep a track of time, prevents them from being overwhelmed besides setting a pace for their regular development while preparing for the examination.

•    Sharpens one's skills: Inculcation of habits of practice and frequent revision, improve upon a student’s mental abilities and sharpens their skills of logical reasoning, comprehension, practical approach and analysis. It also helps them learn about time management skills and adds to their accuracy.

•    Inculcates a healthy sense of competition: The Olympiad exams are highly competitive. These play an instrumental role in developing a healthy sense of competition in students, motivating them to focus and work on improvement, as a result of which the will to strive and succeed remains unchanged.

•    Provides exposure: These exams provide students with much-needed exposure, about the competitive exam, its patterns, the question types, the exam regulations, provides them with a international platform to present their hard work, students also stand a chance of being rewarded for their efforts and receive valuable feedback and constructive advice.

•    Detailed feedback: All students participating, receive detailed feedback. These reports are in form of booklets, provided to aid all students in better understanding their performance in the exam, and helping them improve thereon by letting them know about their performance, its associated stats with regard to peers of their age, to help them improvise and stand a chance to do better in future exams.


The International Olympiad happens to be amongst the best organizers of Olympiads. It utilizes this experience in conducting the tests, that are held both online as well as offline, for schools to participate as well as individuals, the organization is versatile in the processes involved and continues to diligently function even in these difficult times to make things easier for the willing students. The International Maths Olympiads are now open for registration and one can visit the official website to gather more information about the same.

IMO and its importance all roots to the students and their performance, every year thousands of bright budding minds take this opportunity to showcase their talent. To further improve upon their performance quality TIO aids the students by making various educational resources available for them from workbooks tailored in a lucid and practical way,  to sample test papers, previous year question paper compilations, online assessments, mock tests,  and more. One can  choose to avail these as well depending upon their interest. We graciously await your participation hoping that these facts helped set you at ease. Warm regards!

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